Pro Line Fireworks

Super Show Fireworks offers a magnificent selection of professional-grade fireworks featuring brands such as Rieko and Raccoon. These high-performance fireworks are designed for professionals in the pyrotechnic industry and require proper certification for purchase.

For Professional Use Only: Please note that these fireworks are intended for professional use only. They are crafted to meet the exacting standards of pyrotechnic experts and are not suitable for consumer use.

Certification Requirement: To purchase fireworks from this collection, a valid certification demonstrating professional expertise in fireworks handling is required. This certification helps ensure that these pyrotechnics are handled responsibly and in accordance with industry standards.

Due to certification requirements, our professional-grade fireworks collection is currently only available for purchase in-store. Please contact:

  1. Brian Lilly at for Marietta, GA
  2. Van Gladney at info@ssfireworks for Birmingham, AL

Note to Consumers: For our valued customers who are not certified professionals, we offer a wide range of consumer-grade fireworks suitable for personal celebrations. Please explore our consumer collection for exciting options.

Safety First: Professional-grade fireworks demand a higher level of expertise and care. It is crucial to adhere to safety guidelines and industry best practices when handling these fireworks.

Contact Us: For inquiries regarding certification, product details, or any assistance, please contact our customer support at

Disclaimer: Unauthorized purchase or use of professional-grade fireworks may lead to serious safety hazards. We strictly adhere to industry regulations and prioritize the responsible use of pyrotechnics.